Samsung Galaxy S9: The star of 2018

Samsung has suffered a lot after the disappointment of Galaxy Note 7, and now Samsung is ready to bet on the Galaxy S series with its max. Soon, we’ll have the Galaxy S8 in the market; however the buzz for the next Galaxy S9 is already begin, finger crossed! What Galaxy S9 will bring to market is too early to say, but there have been few hardware developments that are just leaked over web, and looks to be present in next Samsung Galaxy S9. Let’s discover more below:

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 release date possibilities:

Every year Samsung is following it’s same trend. One flagship Samsung Galaxy smartphone hit the market in the month of Feb/March and one Galaxy Note flagship in the month of Aug/Sept. However, this year we might not see next Galaxy Note dubbed as Galaxy Note 8 because of what had happened with Galaxy Note 7 in 2016. Sad but true, we might not see any new devices in Note series, confirmation about it to be released by Samsung officially, but who knows hope for fans will not end. And, Samsung will actually surprise with Galaxy Note 8 this year. But for sure, in early 2018 we will have the next Galaxy.

So, you can count on the Samsung Galaxy S9 release date in the early 2018. And, if there won’t be Galaxy Note 8 this year, then bet Galaxy S9 release date will be Jan 2018 J.

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 release date: Jan 2018, Yay!!!

Galaxy S9 Specs & Features:

Samsung has proved his best whenever it comes to Galaxy S phones. But now, Samsung will play very safe considering the case of Note 7. We can expect a removable battery in Galaxy S9 finally which will not only make it reliable but also safe, additionally we won’t have to compromise with the thickness thanks to the designers.

Per the speculations and available hardware, considering 2018 we will get 6GB RAM, True Octa-Core processor clocked at 2.5 GHz higher frequency and 1.5 GHz low frequency. Samsung engineers are also testing fast charge 3.0 plus with their phones, so we can expect similar technology in next generation Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone.

Below is the list of all possible Samsung Galaxy S9 Specs:

  • True Band Snapdragon 9XX Octa-Core processor
  • 6GB RAM (user will be able to set the usage depending upon requirement)
  • 4K Display – Super AMOLED Samsung Technology
  • Fast Charge 3.0+ for ultra fast charging of Battery
  • Smart card slot supporting dual SIM, Single SIM and Memory Card mode

No doubt, in the last 5 years smartphone in the market become smarter, but after releasing Galaxy S9 flagship, Samsung can be the iPhone Killer. Who knows, at the time of launch of Galaxy S9 will iPhone 7S be able to take the competition or not. But, we the fans are going to enjoy the war of Samsung vs. Apple as it will bring and force both to bring their best.

Will Samsung go iPhone 7 way?

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge rumours suggests that we may welcome our Samsung 9th Galaxy phone without a headphone jack as happened in case of iPhone 7? Yes, you read it right. The Galaxy S9 edge features may include a special charging jack supporting a headphone accessory. But being a Korean’s giant the Samsung fan, I wouldn’t like to welcome such Galaxy 9 Edge specs.

Galaxy S9 price won’t be affected by a small change with headphone jack, but imagining our beast Samsung S9 edge phone without a jack isn’t easy and acceptable. Well, we should wait another month and look for the Galaxy S8 release date, as it will bring the clarity for Galaxy S9 launch, and we would also be able to compute the biggest war between the smartphones i.e. Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S9, and Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7. The list of wars will be very interesting but out of all, Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7S is going to be killer for 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S9 price $1000?

Yes, these days nothing comes cheap then why Samsung will come for cheap. But for sure, it will be cheaper than latest iPhone the market. Set your hopes that Samsung won’t go beyond $1000, and will actually keep Galaxy S9 price below iPhone 7S. Stay tuned and subscribe for more killer news for our beast Samsung Galaxy S9, cheers. 🙂

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