Yoder vs Rec Tec Pellet Grill – WHICH BRAND IS BETTER?

Yoder or RECT TEC Grill?This has been the debate for many years. Others say Yoder , while most prefer REC TEC Grill to Yoder.


To answer this question, firstly, i will point out the features of both Pellets grills. Secondly,i will compare  them and finally, show the pellet grill that is effective  and give reasons for that.

About Yoder Grill

Yoder was founded in Kansas,USA,in 2007.To begin it,Yoder  has a temperature between 150 degrees F -600 degrees F.It weights 335 pounds and it comes with large inter grated orange casters for easier transportation. The body of Yoder,is built from heavy steel for long lasting. It us also been chromeplated to protect it against rusting and high temperature. It’s powder-coated ,provide a high heated finish and  a shiner outer appearance making it easy to clean.Moreover, it comes with a new adaptive control system (ACS)with WiFi,this allows the user to control its temperature using smartphone. Finally, Yoder has a grease drains chamber that removes the grease form the cooking chamber,making it easy to clean up.

About RECT TEC Grill

On the other hand, REC TEC Grill,was started by two  friends namely ;Ron Candy and Ray Carne’s in august Georgia in 2009.Its features are as follows: Stainless steel without any paints to prevent rusting ,corrosion or peeling off or cracking. It has a strong handle (horn-shaped) and locking casters wheel for easier portability and locking it in one place. It’s bottom shelf is larger for stability and also provide a large surface are for holding dishes.REC TEC Grill, is easy to clean up, because it has a heavy-lid and also its wood pellet instead of charcoal which produces less ashes and giving it a shiny appearance. With its smoke -cap,REC TEC Grill can hold up to very high temperature, and finally it has technology that maintains the high temperature using WiFi with an additional large shelf which increases the cooking space to 1054 square inches.

* Cooking capacity: REC TEC Grill has a cooking capacity of 702 or 1054 square inches while Yoder, has  a cooking capacity of between 640-1070 square inches.

  1. Hopper capacity: REC TEC Grill has hopper capacity of forty pound s while Yoder weights 20 pounds.
  2. Temperature: REC TEC Grill has  temperature between 200- 500degrees F,while Yoder grill has a temperature of between 150-600 degrees F.
  3. Price:REC TEC Grill is expensive while Yoder is more expensive.
  4. Fuel Source: REC TEC Grill has wooden pellets while Yoder uses wood pellets.
  5. Warranty: REC TEC Grill, has six years warranty while Yoder grill has ten years warranty.
  6. Weight: REC TEC Grill, weights 195 pounds while Yoder weights 335 pounds.

YODER vs RECT TEC Grill – What’s differents?

In conclusion, though both grills pellets have  their advantages, the REC TEC Grill Bull RT -700,  offers most features that are eye-catching at a pocket friendly price.Despite being affordable and easy to move,it also has many other advanced features like Wi-pellet technology to make it easy to solve modern problems like cooking and maintaining the temperature the grill from any place.

It’s large cooking and hopper capacity ensures that you cook for longer hours without any break. Furthermore, this grill is entirely made from stainless steel,and comes with better wheels, making it durable and easy to move .It required only minimum naintainance.

Therefore, if you are looking for a pellet grill, with a multiple useful features that fits you,then definitely invest in  REC TEC Grill because it has everything that you need.

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