There will be a lucky draw for Samsung Galaxy X – The foldable smartphone

After the launch of iPhone X, everyone has set their eyes for the launch of next-generation Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy X. For the introduction, the Galaxy S9 will be the 9th generation smartphone in the series of Galaxy S lineup, and Galaxy X can be the world’s first foldable display smartphone.

There are promises that this smartphone will soon be earmarked for a 2018 launch. Recently, we saw that the Samsung Galaxy X struck on the rumor mills as it obtained certificates from Bluetooth SIG along with South Korea’s National Radio Agency where the version of Galaxy X mentioned as SM-G888N0.

Rumors are suggesting that the launch of Galaxy X smartphone can be just prior to the commencement of this CES 2018 technician show in Vegas. The trade show is all set to debut on January 9 and proceed on until January 12. The CES embracing for the Samsung Galaxy X makes sense as the provider is supposed to show its flagship Galaxy S9 smartphones in the MWC in February 2018.

The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are more most likely to be unveiled throughout the pre-MWC times in Barcelona. We should not be amazed to observe that the Galaxy X smartphone launch shortly after the commencement of the following calendar year. Going by the data that is circulating, it appears that the Samsung Galaxy X will be a limited edition version with only 100,000 units entering into production or even less. Maybe, there’s a heightened chance for Samsung to check the reception of this bendable smartphone at its home market prior to releasing precisely the exact it worldwide. The international rollout of these a smartphone may happen in 2019. Whatever it is, all these are mere speculations, and we will need to await a formal confirmation from Samsung concerning the same. We can anticipate more details concerning the Galaxy X using a bendable form variable to be allowed out at the forthcoming weeks and weeks.

So, rumors mill has to suggest the following so far:

  • 1000FPS camera, and Snapdragon 845 chipset for S9 and Galaxy X
  • Galaxy X to be the world’s first foldable display smartphone
  • Only 100,000 units can be manufactured for X, considering pilot run
  • There can be a lucky draw for people registering for the world’s first foldable smartphone

So, above all are the learning for the Samsung Galaxy S9, and Galaxy X. Soon, we will be publishing other exciting stuff for Samsung Galaxy S9 and X, so stay tuned.

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