Samsung Galaxy X & Galaxy S9: The Story continues

Samsung’s phone the upcoming Galaxy X smartphone would be available in very limited quantities, and we may see lucky draw happening for this release.

We’ve been hearing frequent rumors concerning the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy X, where Galaxy X will be a very unique smartphone, which may include a foldable display. The notion is that you are going to have the ability to utilize it as a smartphone, and then fold it out to card size, developing a new section that mirrors the hybrids we have already seen in the market.

But the story continues, Samsung’s quirky folding phone may be challenging to tote, as the anticipation for its Galaxy X is just as a limited-run phone in one land – more than likely the home land of South Korea. Having said that, the phone can only be available in Korea once launched, and later we could see the global release.

“Regardless of when Samsung decides to show the X, the odds are it is going to become a collector’s thing before it hits retail shelves. If you’d like a bit of the next-generation of display technologies, you will need to be quick.” It would not be a surprise to find a release for its Galaxy X; Samsung frequently uses releases. If phones prove to be a victory, Samsung would have cause to instigate a global release.

Many rumors indicate that the Galaxy X will get introduction to press in MWC 2018 in February or even either CES 2018 at January. But, Samsung has not supported any plans take all flows with care until afterward.

And, for the story of Samsung Galaxy S9, we don’t have anything new to say. Considering all the facts, for Samsung Galaxy X, it’ll be easier to over the S9, and on another hand, Galaxy S9 will be the flagship featuring 8NM snapdragon chipset, and 8GB RAM. And, there might be a 1000FPS camera sensor. These all configurations will be available in the Samsung Galaxy X as well.

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