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GalaxyS9 Samsung S9 Plus – Samsung 2017 two unpacked events have been the greatest launches that Samsung has ever brought to the world, and the bang is going to continue with the advent of Samsung Galaxy S9 in 2018.

The innovation behind the recent Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is, of course, it’s amazing display! Samsung has successfully introduced the Samsung Galaxy S8 to the world on April 21, 2017, and Note 8 was introduced in the month of August 2017. No doubt that, now the path for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9 is all cleared. With the S8 and Note 8 specifications, we can sense, what the future would be.

If we compare the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Note 8 with any of the available iPhone, clearly the Galaxy S8 wins in the design, and also in the performance. Finally, Samsung engineers have done a great job, and it is very appreciable. Imagining the next Samsung flagship is little difficult, as Samsung already brought the required tweaks.

No sooner the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 in March 2017 & Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in August 2017, and its rave reviews in the market which made the machine sell faster than hotcakes, the gossip mills have turned to speculate on what’s coming in the future.

So just like the rest of the world we jump into the rumor bandwagon and put in a platter for you guys, what all is anticipated and expected from the new addition to Samsung’s flagship ‘Galaxy S’ smartphone series.

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2017, is going smoothly for the Samsung with Galaxy S8, however, we shouldn’t forget that Samsung has suffered a lot after the disappointment of Galaxy Note 7, and now Samsung is ready to bet on the Galaxy S series with its max. And, the buzz for the next Galaxy beast already begins, finger crossed! And, also Samsung has almost overcome the loss by the Note 7 just by launching the Galaxy Note 8, and it’s fame in no time defines another success.

What newest of Samsung will bring to market is too early to say, but there have been few hardware developments that are just leaked over the web, and expected to be present in next Samsung S9. Let’s discover more below:

The big day 2017 for Samsung was March 29, when Samsung ringed the bells by launching an innovating marvel of technology. And, earlier there were rumors that Samsung Galaxy S8 might not come to the UK market, however, now take an easy breath UK People! Samsung is being good for all.

Talking about the upcoming Samsung’s next Galaxy, the image looks clear we will have Bixby 2.0 tweak in the S9 Samsung, other features will include 3 edge display, yes! we’re talking about a form factor that will cover the maximum area by the display, no more blank edges will be welcome. The future would be here with the Galaxy S9 design technology.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Concept Images – Design Overview

  • 3 Edge Infinity Display – With integrated ear piece speaker beneath display glass
  • Front Camera and Sensors at the bottom front (inspired by Mi Mix)
  • SuperCapacitor battery– For the very first time imagined for a smartphone
  • Display embedded with finger print sensor – Touch anywhere to login into your phone, security with ease!
  • Slimmest design profile for a smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S9 release date possibilities:

Every year Samsung is following its same trend. One flagship Samsung Galaxy smartphone hit the market in the month of Feb/March, and one Galaxy Note flagship in the month of Aug/Sept. Recently launched flagship Galaxy Note 8 is ready to overcome the brand loss caused by Note 7, and another push would be given by the release of next Galaxy S.

Samsung has surprised everyone with the newest Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in Aug 2017, Earlier it was said that we may not see any new devices in the Note series. But now the story and history are clear for Samsung, and for sure, in early 2018 we will have the next Galaxy.

Galaxy S9 Release Date xx, January 2018? :D, discover more here
Galaxy S8 Release Date 21st March 2017
Galaxy S7 Release Date 11th March 2016
Galaxy S6 Release Date 10th April 2015
Galaxy S5 Release Date 11th April 2014
Galaxy S4 Release Date 27th April 2013
Galaxy S3 Release Date 29th May 2012
Galaxy S2 Release Date 2nd May 2011
Galaxy S1 Release Date 4th June 2010
Galaxy S10 Release Date xx, March 2019

Additionally, by launching the Samsung Galaxy S8+ dubbed as Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, earlier there were indirect hints that conveyed – no more devices in the Samsung Galaxy Note Series? Well, Samsung seems to have a great plan, and we already have Galaxy Note 2017 on the market shelves, so next year too you will definitely welcome Samsung Galaxy S9+.

So, you can count on the next Galaxy release date in early 2018. 🙂

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 release date: Jan 2018, Yay!!!

Well, folks, Samsung had launched Samsung Galaxy S8 in the month of April, the announcement was scheduled for March 29. Will it affect the launch of next Galaxy? The answer is indeed a Yes! How far will go the launch, we can’t comment but for sure, it gonna be very interesting to know more about S9.

Although, its too early to definitively predict the release date for the upcoming S series beast, however what’s hot off the press suggests that after the debacle surrounding the Galaxy Note 7 recall which consequently affected the launch plans for Samsung Galaxy S8, the tech-giant intends to roll out the next Model by the end of this year or early next year.

Samsung intends to reclaim its market share by launching the S9 along the same timeline as the much anticipated Apple iPhone 8 launch in September 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S8, the beautiful beast:

Galaxy S9 Specs & Features:

Samsung has proved his best whenever it comes to Galaxy S phones. But now, Samsung will play very safe considering the case of Note 7. We can expect a removable battery in S9 finally, which will not only make it reliable but also safe, additionally, we won’t have to compromise with the thickness thanks to the designers.

Per the speculations and available hardware, considering 2018 we will get 6GB RAM, True Octa-Core processor clocked at 2.5 GHz higher frequency and 1.5 GHz low frequency. Samsung engineers are also testing fast charge 4.0 plus with their phones, so we can expect similar technology in next-generation Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone.

Below we’ve mentioned more of Galaxy S9 features, and the highlighted are the supercapacitor battery and all edges display with bezel-less form.

Below is the list of all possible Samsung Galaxy S9 Specs:

Processor 7nm Manufactured True Band Octa-Core Processor, Snapdragon 845 / 9XX, Exynos 9810
Memory 6GB-8GB RAM, 256 onboard Storage memory
Display 4K Super AMOLED 3-edge display
Battery SuperCapacitor Battery with Ultra Fast Charge
Card Slots Smart Card Slots supporting dual-SIM & Single-SIM-microSD Modes

No doubt, in the last 5 years smartphone in the market become smarter, but after releasing Galaxy S9 flagship, Samsung can be the iPhone Killer. Who knows, at the time of launch of S9 will iPhone 7S be able to take the competition or not. But, we the fans are going to enjoy the war of Samsung vs. Apple as it will bring and force both to bring their best.

Given the fact that Samsung officials have been rather tight-lipped regarding any technical scoops on its new baby Samsung Galaxy S-9, it is rather difficult to speculate what the future may hold. But for now, let’s go ahead with what we have in hand.

The new Samsung smartphone specs are expected to come in screen sizes of 5.8 inches with one of its kind Corning Gorilla Glass 5 covering, a stronger gripped blended metallic body with blended screen and super 5.8-inches Full 4K display, Resolution of 4096*2160 pixel, 2.5 GHz Octa-Core processor, chipped in Snapdragon 845 processor from Qualcomm which not only boosts the performance of the phone but also mitigates power consumption.

Now that’s a double whammy. For the selfie addict, Samsung S9 may have a primary camera of a 31MP and secondary camera of 12MP. So that’s all we have for now. Keep watching this space for more scoops. Since the launch of Galaxy S8, we are under the impression that Samsung is doing continuous tries to make its smartphones out stand in the market.

And, yes they do out stand, however, to overcome other brands Samsung should bring not only something interesting but also the very innovative. And, next Galaxy can be one of that kind. You won’t be wrong if you are counting Galaxy S8 to be the best of Samsung till date.

Samsung recently has hinted that in the next Galaxy there might not be the old TouchWiz. Well, Samsung was using this software shell since the launch of first Galaxy S smartphone and opting out for something new in the next Samsung S9, it is clear that Samsung just wants to walk on the path of fans.

Of course, with S8 the Samsung will overcome the brand loss of Galaxy Note 7. And, who knows if Samsung actually launches the Galaxy Note 8 this year, but per the rumors launch of Note 8 is clearly doubtful. However, let’s wait there might be other interesting things that can revolve around by Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S9 camera sensor – The front will capture more 3D

Rumors linked to Samsung’s forthcoming flagship smartphone have already begun coming in. In accordance with the most recent rumor, the next phone may comprise a 3D detector outfitted front-facing camera. With the accession of this new 3D detector, the South Korean giant is planning to enhance facial recognition performance. Aside from the truth, also expect enhanced safety features and much better rate.

Notably, Samsung was supplying facial recognition attribute because it established Galaxy Note 7. With the debut of Apple’s Face ID — launched with iPhone X, the struggle for improved recognition and security has moved a step ahead.

It feels like Samsung has become led towards Apple’s Face ID path. The business is focusing on its own 3D image mapping detectors. The camera requires a 3D scan of user’s head from all angles and then it’s securely stored in the smartphone. The technology will probably be like the TrueDepth system which Apple uses. Whether this rumor turns out to be authentic, then the future of this iris and fingerprint detector appears to be in peril.

Additional rumors associated with our upcoming flagship implies that the phone could include a rear-mounted dual camera system using its 3-layer image detector. Samsung’s recent patent filing suggests there is a risk that the approaching flagship smartphone in the firm might include an environmental sensor which measures the quality of atmosphere by discovering a variety of particles in the atmosphere.

Past reports have shown that the S9, carrying out a version variety of SM-G960, will likely be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chipset together with 6GB of RAM. It’s expected to incorporate an Infinity screen that we watched the Galaxy S8, using QHD+ resolution.

A recent report indicates that Samsung could only get the first bath of Snapdragon 845 chip for the next Galaxy. It’d worked out a similar agreement with Qualcomm for its first batch of Snapdragon 835.

Why will Samsung S9 Plus go 7nm?

If Samsung goes at 7nm scale for manufacturing the chipset of S9, then it would be a revolution. At the moment other manufacturers including Samsung (with S8) has brought devices based on 10nm scale processor, which is undoubtedly a great innovation itself, and it results in better performance keeping the efficiency of power consumption. So, if Samsung goes at 7nm, then expect 9th Generation Galaxy S smartphone to be more powerful and will run for more time with its battery.

Imagine Samsung Galaxy S9 with SuperCapacitor battery

Engineers and technology innovator are continuously working to bring the present impossible thing to alive. Yes, recently in the news it has been leaked that Scientist is able to develop the supercapacitor batteries for the gadgets. Samsung is running to get this proprietary technology for their smartphones. And, if it is true then Samsung 9th generation Galaxy can be the first phone to have it.

What is Super Capacitor battery, in terms of dimensions it will be just like a small paper piece of plastic and semiconductors? And, it will be able to charge in seconds. Imagine, your smartphone Samsung phone working for a whole 24×7. Wouldn’t be very interesting? Well, it won’t only change the future of smartphones, but also the era of computers.

The supercapacitor is a not the newest thing, but in a smartphone, this is a really big deal. If Samsung manages to get it into the next S device, then I bet the whole world will run to get this smartphone. Who won’t love a smartphone that charges for a week in just a few seconds?

In the market, there exists a few xl smartphone that carries bigger battery capacities but that can survive till max 2 days. However, every smartphone manufacturer aims to provide more efficient solutions that can increase the battery capacities.

More power will consume more battery, performance is directly proportional to the battery usage, more resources will consume more energy, however, this relation of performance and battery usage can be overcome by the optimisation and the hardware design. And, Samsung’s chipset manufactured at 7 nm are already leaked.

And, guess what Samsung might be the first to have such. And, this new chipset innovation will not only make SIX performance better but also will consume lesser amount of battery.

Clearly, Samsung aims for the best that they can bring to the market keeping the user safety. When user safety will be remembered then Galaxy Note 7 will always come to the thoughts, but Galaxy S series is ready to define the brand legacy, Galaxy S8 is already a must-have smartphone. The best thing that can Samsung bring to the 9th Galaxy smartphone is the supercapacitor battery.

Samsung Galaxy S9 display – 3 edges better than Galaxy S8’s display

Samsung has surprised the world with the newest designed smartphone, yes we’re talking about the Samsung Galaxy S8. The most attractive is the display out of all. Now, if Samsung wants to keep the impression for the next year, we are expecting more than Galaxy S8 has done, so Samsung Galaxy 9 display have to be very special.

In past two years, we’ve seen manufacturers had done serious work on bezel-less designs, Samsung and Xiaomi are most successful of all with their respective beasts – Samsung Galaxy S8 and Xiaomi Mi Mix.

Maybe the next innovation from Samsung will bring the next generation display and it may be the four-edge display configuration to be part of Samsung 9.

The release date of Samsung Galaxy S9 is affected by Galaxy S8 launch:

In the complete history of Samsung S series, for the very first time, Samsung delayed the launch of its device. Here, by the device, we are referring to Samsung Galaxy S8 launch. Yes, last year Feb we welcomed the Galaxy S8, however, in 2017, Samsung launched S8 in the month of April, however, in the month of May it hit the shelves.

And, the question continues, when next Samsung Galaxy S will be released? The answer is not very confirmed. Speculations and possibilities suggest until the end of 2017, however, now coin is turning, we may not even see S9  in the month of Feb 2018. The wait might be more. 🙁

Will Samsung go, the iPhone 7 way?

The Samsung Galaxy smartphone flagship rumors suggest that we may welcome our Samsung 9th Galaxy phone without a headphone jack as happened in case of iPhone 7? Yes, you read it right. The Galaxy S9 edge features may include a special charging jack supporting a headphone accessory. But being a Korean’s giant the Samsung fan, I wouldn’t like to welcome such Galaxy 9 Edge specs.

Samsung S9 price won’t be affected by a small change with the headphone jack, but imagining our beast Samsung S9 edge phone without a jack isn’t easy and acceptable. People have already searched the war topics, Galaxy S8 vs S9, and Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8.

The list of wars will be very interesting but out of all, Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8 is the killer for 2017. With the launch of Galaxy S8, Samsung has cleared that the probability of going iPhone way for the Galaxy Samsung S9 is minimal. We really appreciate that how Samsung has crafted the new Galaxy beautifully and interesting.

For a second, consider if Samsung doesn’t change the design for S9 (keep the similar S8 design), then also it will be impressive, however, the new is expected from the new things. So definitely there will be tweaks, next Galaxy will be better than S8, and S9+ will be better than Galaxy S8+ in their own way.

Additionally, the war of iPhone vs. Galaxy S phone never end, and this year the war will be interesting. Apple has recently placed an order to Samsung to manufacturer the display for iPhone. Two brands are working together to bring the best technology no doubts, but on the market shelves, this war will continue. And with S8 the chances of more favors are towards Galaxy instead of iPhone, what do you think?

Samsung Galaxy S9 Updates!

Date 9 Nov, 2017:

The most recent report from South Korea stated that the approaching S9 would not contain an in-display fingerprint scanner; rather, it is going to be set on the rear of the unit just like its predecessor.

The largest question that arose from the year’s design fad was that the positioning of the fingerprint reader: with all significant manufacturers moving towards extended displays and bezel-less bodies, that there just is not room to get a fingerprint scanner on the front part of the smartphone anymore. Many companies, such as Samsung, have opted to transfer it to the trunk (although Samsung’s strategy has defeated many) while Apple has opted to eliminate it entirely.

The issue with using a fingerprint scanner on the rear of the telephone is that it may be awkward sometimes but what’s more; you may no longer simply unlock your cell phone using an easy tap and use it without even lifting it up out of the kitchen countertop. That is why customers have been and are still awaiting in-screen aircraft scanners. In-screen fingerprint scanners aren’t an impossible tech. However, there are safety issues with the models that exist now. Plus, to get a company like Samsung, return prices and capability to mass-produce matter considerably.

Though it might have been nice to find this technology within another Galaxy flagship, sadly, the most recent rumor claims that Samsung will not have the ability to integrate it to the S9 duo punctually. The identical report says that the electronics giant will rather set the fingerprint scanner on the rear of the unit, exactly like the Galaxy S8. But it isn’t yet clear if it is going to continue to sit awkwardly and inconveniently right alongside the camera lens.

According to the mentioned report, Samsung is forecast to try once more to “deploy the technology around the Galaxy Note 9, which will probably be released in August next year.” Does it matter whether the S9 is accompanied by an on-screen fingerprint scanner or maybe not?

Date 7 Nov, 2017:

Samsung will start off the creation of Galaxy Note 9 “shortly.” That is the word coming from South Korea at least, together with assumed interior sources asserting that Samsung’s 2018 flagship phablet will input pilot production at the first quarter under the codename “Crown.”

Samsung’s past Note phablet, the Galaxy Note 8, was created under the codename “Baikal,” named after one of the biggest freshwater lakes on the planet situated in southern Siberia in Russia. The codename also triumphed in the Note 8 Infinity Display that it inherited in the Galaxy S8 – a uniquedisplay layout motivated by infinity swimming pools. Taking into consideration the Note 8 has been widely heralded as the recovery king following the Note 7 debacle, “Crown” seems like a temporary fitting label for Samsung’s stylus-packing smartphone family.

Date 6 Nov, 2017:

It is considered the Samsung S9 flagship of Android gadgets is going to be the very first to attribute Qualcomm’s soon-to-be-announced SnapDragon 845 chip. The 845 is expected to provide a performance improvement of around 25 percent within the present 835. Therefore, in the first half of this year – that the S9 is going to be the sole device to include the 845.

Date 3 Nov, 2017:

The South Korean producer’s arrangement with Qualcomm will shield the first place for upcoming flagship. The 845 is expected to provide performance gains of around twenty-five percent within the present 835. If you fast forward twelve weeks to Q4 2018, then I don’t have any doubt that there’ll be a military of the Android-powered phone which will have the SnapDragon 845 concealing indoors. Qualcomm will, once again, set the standard for a different iteration of smartphones.

However, the higher capacity of the 845 won’t be accessible to everybody in the first half of this year. The S9 is in the period of exclusivity in which it’s going to be the only handset which can carry the 845. After that period is up the quantity of S9 earnings will probably maintain an effective monopoly until other producers build up adequate inventory to visit the market.

This follows an identical pattern in 2017, in which the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus started with exclusive access into this SnapDragon 835, which is currently the de facto processor for several Android flagship handsets. Performance Queens that will require the excess power and features that the SnapDragon 845 provides are going to have the decision to go to your S9 or wait around six weeks to get a realistic prospect of some other handset picking up the identical chipset.

Qualcomm is expected to show the SnapDragon 845 in early December 2017, which might provide an indication regarding attributes which will be contained at the S9. Samsung is expected to start the S9 through February 2018, likely only before Mobile World Congress.

Date 2 Nov, 2017:

Though our hopes of an under-screen fingerprint scanner could not be fulfilled with the Apple iPhone X, Samsung has enrolled for a patent of a pressure-sensitive under-display fingerprint scanner in South Korea.

A closer look in the dual-camera about the Note 8. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 includes a fingerprint reader on the trunk. Samsung is forecast to make this fingerprint scanning technology on among its forthcoming flagship apparatus in 2018. In accordance with some sources, the Touch ID-like reader may be set in a position near the Samsung Galaxy S8’s virtual house button”. The report also cites that Samsung might bypass the newest technology on the S9 and goal for its Note 9 launching”, suggesting that more work has to be performed before it could be perfected to mass manufacturing.

However, Vivo has already established the under-screen technology exceeding the technology giants. Vivo on 28 June established an industry-first under screen fingerprint technologies in MWC 2017 in Shanghai. The detector by Vivo may be put beneath the glass (0.88mm) and OLED display (1.2mm) and an aluminum cover of 0.525mm which makes it undetectable from the exterior or below a screen.

Officials also have mentioned that it’s expected to present the next edition of this voice-powered digital helper Bixby 2.0 at 2018. Samsung declared the voice helper Bixby in March 2017 and Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ were the first devices to have the digital voice helper.

Based on Samsung the update will let it operate on multiple devices such as televisions and refrigerators. Samsung smartphones already include Iris scanner, a fingerprint detector, and facial recognition.

Date 1 Nov, 2017:

The upcoming Samsung flagship smartphone will supposedly be unveiled in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) tradeshow coming year, and ideally, this is held from February 26th to March 1st. For the previous few decades before the Galaxy S8 (that was postponed after the Galaxy Note 7 battery problems) Samsung has utilized the hugely-popular MWC tradeshow to announce the most recent iteration of its flagship Galaxy S series.

Ahead of the launch date, there’s been a bevy of all rumors concerning the Samsung S9 shared online. According to the most recent whispers, the S9 and S9+ will ditch the 3.5millimeter headphone port.

Date 31 Oct, 2017:

Samsung doesn’t seem like to make any mistakes and working hard on upcoming Galaxy and S9+ flagship for 2018 and rumors are already popping up here and there. Rest assured we’re just likely to listen to fresh and brand new ones as time advances. And that is excellent news!

That is mainly due to the vocal criticism of the fingerprint sensor positioning around the Galaxy S8, S8+, as well as the Note 8 – too high and also counter to float the ship of many an individual user. It is even safe to state that this may easily be the most significant gripe about the S8 and the S8+, that can be otherwise mostly well-accepted by consumers as well as the technology blogosphere alike.

The gap, however, is that the mid-rangers will possess these plastered right under the camera detector rather than on its own side, which will probably become a completely more ergonomic alternative.

Overall, this rumor sounds entirely plausible and consistent with Samsung’s headline of really keeping an ear near the floor and listening to customer feedback. On this note, last week we composed a whole lot of leaves that could provide you with an early sneak peek at Samsung’s forthcoming big things.

Date 29 Oct, 2017:

The problem of S8 rear panel having the finger print sensor is surely going to be rectified in the next Galaxy, however, not in the way we imagined. Per the latest report circulating over web sources, the S9 will feature a revamped rear pannel, and finger print sensor location will be changed. There will be dual-canera set for high-focused and clear images.

Date 28 Oct, 2017:

This past year, Samsung made a daring choice to kill off its Home button at the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8. By changing the fingerprint scanner into the rear of the phone, Samsung managed to flooding the front of its own handsets using display, a space-age design that it requires ‘Infinity Screen.’ But users have mostly bemoaned the rear-set fingerprint scanner, prompting Samsung to seek out a solution.

Luckily, we have glimpsed the future already. The fingerprint sensitive scanner will be concealed under the screen, which makes it feasible to keep the Infinity Screen while returning the fingerprint sensor into the front of the phone. The thing is that a patent isn’t a guarantee of a tech rolling out. So, it can’t be confirmed right now, if we have display embedded sensor or not.

Date 27 Oct, 2017:

It appears that manufacturers of fingerprint sensors for smartphones may soon find themselves in a challenging place. Well-known leakster Source asserts 100% certainty which the S9 won’t have an onscreen fingerprint scanner yet again. Given that there are hardly any choices around, which would indicate that either Samsung retains its oddly-placed back mic scanner or, in the risk of being known as a copycat once again, employ face recognition rather.

Some smartphone manufacturers created their own issues when they changed into a virtually bezel-less design. Contrary to LG and Huawei, who’d long placed their fingerprint scanners in the rear part of their apparatus, Samsung and Apple appeared to relocate theirs. The more intriguing option could have been to employ an onscreen fingerprint scanner; however, that was dreadful.

For a moment, it appeared that Samsung nevertheless had its eyes on the prize. That might no longer be true if this rumor is to be considered.

If that’s true, then Samsung includes two, well three really, choices moving forward. The first and easiest is to maintain the normal fingerprint scanner to the back, hopefully in a much better place next time. Another would be to boost its own iris recognition and actually convince people of its own precision and safety.

Given Samsung’s customs, however, we’re more inclined to observe some kind of face recognition technology also. In any event, it will most likely move away from a fingerprint scanner, even the one on the trunk, which remains the fastest, most precise, and most secure method to unlock a smartphone.

Date 26 Oct, 2017:

Samsung might be seeking to return the fingerprint scanner into the very front of its flagship phone together with the S9. A Samsung patent program found by GalaxyClub indicates a fingerprint scanner built right into a tiny notch close to the base of the display – somewhat similar to the important phone or iPhone X.

About the Galaxy S8 and S8+, the fingerprint scanner can be found alongside the back camera. Most of the people who have used this phone have noticed that using the scanner within this location led to the occasional smearing of their rear camera lens, discouraging him from utilizing the feature entirely.

It is important to be aware that this is merely a patent – just one which has been registered in 2016 at that. Samsung might not end up incorporating this front fingerprint scanner layout in the last Galaxy merchandise. Whatever the circumstance, the S9 will not be published until at least 2018, though reports indicate that Samsung will reveal the flagship phone in January.

Date 25 Oct, 2017:

Regardless of the fabulous ‘Infinity Screen’ layout of Galaxy S8, and also the Galaxy Note 8, all these devices received criticism concerning the positioning of the fingerprint sensor. On the other hand, the Samsung S9 statement could see an end to this tiny complaint as Samsung has registered a patent where a little, but true fingerprint detector may be integrated in the very front of the approaching flagship.

The patent registered with Kipris, a South Korean trademarking organization is to be considered, then the next Galaxy may feature a different layout choice. The fingerprint sensor can be obtained in the backside and put in the front, together with the flagship with a little depression at the front to be able to generate way with this safety feature.

Samsung is also aiming to decrease the bezel further, and keeping the hardware combined with a slightly larger battery capacity, so space to get a fingerprint detector might be exceedingly tiny. With this, the fingerprint detector will also need to correct a massive level of precision, and the little notch in the flagships may not be something that prospective customers will be waiting. Imagine moving your fingers around that Super AMOLED screen only to locate it quits thanks to a little but quite noticeable depression.

Date 24 Oct, 2017:

The Samsung S9 has already become the topic of a couple of rumors, and matters are just expected to warm up out of here. A patent filed by the South Korean firm in its home state suggests the next-gen Galaxy S may have a fingerprint sensor on the front.

But to say the very least, the positioning of the sensor did not impress everyone. The patent in question is from 2016. However, it is likely that Samsung may implement it in S9 to tackle fingerprint sensor positioning concerns.

The picture contained in the patent suggests there will be round cut in the base (like the one Critical’s PH-1 has around the top) that will house the detector. Therefore it’d be interesting to observe how users will respond to the new layout if the smartphone giant decides to go that path.

Date 23 Oct, 2017:

A tipster has revealed the existence of the Qualcomm 845 chipset, the RAM and also the supposed launching dates of upcoming Samsung smartphones.

Twitter leaker Benjamin Geskin lately put out a couple of tweets showing that the Samsung S9 along with the S9+ versions will feature the enormous upcoming processor in Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 845. The smartphones will even package in 6 GB of RAM as compared to what the typical versions featured when they have been released earlier this season. The tipster also said that new chipset will be Samsung exclusive for a little while, the same as the 835 platform that was declared earlier this season.

The source also noted that both devices will be declared in the MWC occasion like with S8 versions or at an event held individually if Samsung doesn’t have its components prepared in time. The Indian version according to a previous tweet is thought to feature an Exynos 9 SoC. Aside from the leaked RAM specifics, the news regarding the 845 wasn’t really fresh, as Samsung allegedly bagged the initial batch of 845s just prior to the initiation of the Note 8.

Android Headlines also appears to have gotten their hands on the trademarks to the Samsung S9 and S9+ branding but they truly don’t show anything regarding the upcoming apparatus. Previously rumours suggested that Samsung would maintain the QHD+Infinity screen as well as also the IP 68 dust and water resistance rating.

Date 22 Oct, 2017:

With the launch of the upcoming significant smartphone from Samsung just a couple of weeks away, many Samsung smartphones escapes are starting to emerge. A few sources also have shared that which the trademarks of upcoming Samsung S9 and S9 Plus, and also the Korean maker is expected to show ancient in 2018.

It appears that there’ll be just two high-end Android mobiles in the Korean Corporation at 2018, which means that Samsung won’t spread itself more thinly with all the upcoming Galaxy flagship, and launch three smartphones.

Additional S9 escapes from precisely the same source imply that Samsung will keep the Micro SD card slot that it’s provided significant support for before. This will make it possible for users of this flagship to expand the quantity of storage that the unit is capable of, likely raising it to 512GB once again.

Proprietary technology

Geskin also considers that Samsung will maintain preceding policy and comprise the exact same chip in apparatus meant for the Chinese and United States marketplace. Even though the Korean firm generates an East Asian version of the handset which differs from the Western version, the significance of the Chinese market means that it’s excluded from the East Asian version.

Obviously, it’s necessary to note that this specific chip has yet to arrive on the current market really, or perhaps be acknowledged openly, so this specific suggestion stays very much up in the atmosphere at the moment.

But, it’s thought that this chip is going to be constructed on the 10nm procedure node as it will really emerge from the coming months. It surely seems like a high unit which will push a doubtless competent smartphone. With Apple having sailed an iPhone X which pushes the Apple smartphone ahead, Samsung will have to respond strongly.

4K resolution

Additional Galaxy leaks imply that Samsung will eventually adopt the 4K resolution in 2018 and that it will select its flagship smartphone since the bearer of the screen technologies. Samsung has become correlated with exceptional screens in the past several decades, especially since it became the world’s most prosperous vendor of tv sets. However, it’s so far resisted the urge to adopt the 4K resolution in its own cellular devices, despite the fact that it has appeared like a natural movement for the Korean business.

However, with Apple currently improving the screen from the iPhone X considerably compared to past generations, it appears that Samsung must react in kind if it’s to stay in front of its great rival in this section.

Camera enhancements

Samsung will also concentrate on enhancing the photographic skills, together with Geskin noting that the smartphone will contain an “enhanced dual lens cameras in the Note 8”.

However, it will look a complete certainty that the next Samsung phone may include a dual-lens camera in the back of the unit.

Headphone jack

That is getting common in the smartphone business, after Apple eliminated the port out of its iPhone 7 release. Nevertheless, the Korean maker has resolutely stuck to the standard ways of listening to audio, even though it’s usually thought that the business is moving towards a wireless version in this field.

This would undoubtedly get a mixed reception, but considering that the superb USB 3.1 Type-C also connected with all the smartphone, users should not be overly disappointed complete. That is over a fleeting fashion in the smartphone sector; most of the significant producers will gradually get rid of the headset jack out of their devices because of technological changes.

AI processor

Samsung can be expected to add its own artificial intelligence processor, together with the Korea Herald supplying more info on this particular unit. The Korean novel implies that the processor will allow the smartphone to attach to appliances around the house, making something of an integrated smart house.

Of all Samsung S9 escapes, this surely makes the most sense, as the intelligent home concept is forecast to be an important area of the technology sector in the next several years. Samsung should certainly embrace smartphone technologies, and incorporating will fascinate technological market would be a fantastic beginning.

Other Capabilities

Apart from that, anticipate the S9 to supply enhanced battery life using a more important cell, also for your smartphone maker to make sure that its flagship includes a stronger design in 2018. A better fingerprint sensor and greater Bixby integration may also be expected, which will likely emerge as standard in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Date 21 Oct, 2017:

Samsung’s S8 premiered in March of the year, and the significant improvements to the entire flagship had people wondering exactly what could become of their next rendition. Probably to follow the standard naming routine and also be called the S9 and S9+, the most recent addition to this Samsung smartphone household is regarded as the first smartphone to attribute Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chip.

This should ease some of their enthusiast’s calls for a quicker Samsung phone since it will presumably be faster and more energy efficient than the Snapdragon 835 that forces the S8. The new S9 flagship will charge #700 along with the S9+ will place you back #800. This is going to be the initial Samsung beast that’s very likely to have banished the headset jack such as the iPhone has now done.

The S9 will include a more powerful battery lifetime compared to that of those S8 that might render some S8 users hopeless that they did not await the S9 to emerge. Samsung clients were ignored by the jump forward in aesthetics of their S8 as it came out earlier this season since the fluid appearing display and screen set the bar higher than previously. Nothing was verified for the phone as of the nonetheless. Nevertheless, there are a few decisions to be made from the management Samsung have obtained their smartphone technologies today.

The camera around the S8 was the very best that Samsung ever had and eventually matched up to this of the iPhone, now that the S9 could take them that bit farther to the future and some state that a telephoto lens could be inserted that could offer 10x optical zoom to your phone. There’s an opportunity that Samsung can make this smartphone bendy, but is that necessary on the phone? There’s very likely to be an upgrade to the Andoird 8.0 to Android 8.1 from the S9.

Date 21 Oct, 2017:

Samsung is currently functioning on the S9 prototypes, but the phones are still months from the launching even if growth began sooner than anticipated. Some state that Samsung is seeking to get the next Galaxy duo in shops sooner than the Galaxy S8 was that this season, in a bid to aim the iPhone X that is going to be in the stores by a couple of weeks.

While we do not have a word of real launch details for its newest Galaxy S flagships, a fresh rumor could have detailed a number of the critical specs of Samsung’s next flagship mobiles.

Geskin also claims that the next Galaxy is going to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 at the USA and China, and even an Exynos 9 Octa 10nm chip elsewhere. As always, he does not define a source for some of the information and hedges everything by stating that “things may change.”

What is almost sure about the S9 phone is that they’ll really feature dual lens cameras around the trunk. The newest Snapdragon 845 processor can be probably in the cards, along with other reports have stated Samsung will appreciate a brief exclusive with the latest chipset. The Galaxy S9 processors, however, might be constructed on 8nm procedure instead of 10nm. Samsung is already active at mass-producing next-gen 8nm mobile processors, and Qualcomm appears prepared to assist.

Date 20 Oct, 2017:

The S9 & Plus to feature the fastest modules of 6GB RAM and 256GB onboard storage memory, besides discussing everything are alleged to be the official trademarks of the two flagships which Samsung is forecast to introduce early next year. The low-resolution leaves indicate that the Plus will once more be stylized as the Galaxy + and include additional credence to recent reports that the South Korean original equipment maker will introduction precisely two enhancements to its high-end Android mobile series in 2018, as was the situation in the past couple of decades.

The researchers in the market also assert that the versions supposed to be marketed in China and the United States will likely be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC. Whereas those planned for different markets will comprise the Exynos 9 Octa, yet another rumored silicon which still has not been formally declared and is alleged to be constructed on the 10nm procedure node. The insider supplied no more details about the topic, even though it’s very likely the Samsung will also launch some more superior S9 Galaxy versions with double the storage area viewing how this season’s Galaxy Note 8 phablet is currently available with 256GB of flash memory in select markets such as South Korea.

Rumors about Samsung’s forthcoming flagships have been circulating the business for many months now but spare for a few fundamental and unsurprising hardware updates such as more RAM, and some reliable sources have yet supplied a much better SoC, no company details about both. The Galaxy S8 series has been released April this year, compared to Galaxy S phones usually advent, so it was seen whether Samsung adheres together with the new program and unveils the S9 phone in late March or even whether or not it revers to its older practices. Samsung may attempt to seek all of the fame in the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 at Barcelona following February.

Date 19 Oct, 2017:

Samsung to start 2018 with the newest Galaxy handsets in the Mobile World Congress, next calendar year. Ahead of the launch, here is EVERY concept, leaked and render the picture of this hotly-anticipated smartphone.

It’s likely Samsung has something quite similar planned for another entry in the Galaxy S scope. Nevertheless, this authentication process is presently powered by the front-facing camera, making it much less protected than Face ID.

About the Galaxy S8 product webpage, Samsung states that “face recognition is not as protected than routine, PIN, or password” – something which could easily shift with all the hardware update allegedly scheduled The Samsung Galaxy S8 additionally has Iris Scanning, fingerprint scan, a numerical PIN or alphanumeric passcode to unlock the telephone.

By comparison, Apple claims that its Face ID is significantly more protected compared to Touch ID fingerprint scanner sent on preceding iPhone versions. Samsung warns users that its existing face unlock feature is not as protected as other alternatives “The likelihood that a random individual from the population could take a look at the iPhone X and then unlock it with Face ID is roughly 1 in 1,000,000 (versus 1 in 50,000 to get Touch ID),” Apple states.

After users have registered their encounter to the machine, Face ID will always update its version by saving pictures following a successful login. According to Apple, these upgraded photos never leave the handset. Face ID uses these pictures to accommodate some changes on your face — that explains why the machine won’t be thrown as you grow a beard, purchase new eyeglasses, or put on a hat.

Apple demands that users create eye-contact using all the iPhone X to unlock it. iPhone X profits a far more comprehensive idea about what you look like, due to its newest graphics occasionally incorporated into the design. This means that you do not only have to coincide with the photo taken when you originally set up the phone. The machine them analyses a picture of your face to try to find any alterations it failed to account for and upgrade its own information so. That usually means the smart system learns from the mistakes to guarantee the following unlock is powerful.

Date 10 Oct, 2017:

Samsung 9th Generation Galaxy S will be the very first smartphone to feature the Snapdragon 845 chipset from Qualcomm. Just a day back, Samsung has a made a deal that this new 8NM chipset will be the first to appear with S9 in the market. So, there won’t be a surprise if Samsung declare the launch of Samsung next flagship prior to the World Mobile Congress.

Date 4 Oct, 2017:

LG G7, OnePlus 6, Google Pixel 3, Xiaomi Mi7, Galaxy Note9, S9, and Galaxy X are the most anticipiated launches of 2018, and these Android devices will be ruling the world. And, who will be the smartest amung all? Well, S9 can lead with the 1000FPS camera, and Infinity display. And, Samsung Galaxy X the selling factor will be the foldable display.

Date 29 Sep, 2017:

Samsung president of Samsung mobile has confirmed that in 2018 we might see the world’s first foldable display smartphone which is dubbed as Samsung Galaxy X. On other hand, the war between iPhone X, iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8 has started. In a few tests, iPhone is outperforming over Galaxy devices, however, in multi-window test and multi-app launch there have been a significant difference, and Galaxy Note 8 is ahead in this.

Date 25 Sep, 2017:

The Samsung Galaxy X is the another trending smartphone that might be released along with the Samsung S9. Galaxy X will be the first foldable smartphone from the company, and it might feature the Foldable display to be called the infinity foldable display. Snapdragon 845 chipset, and 8GB RAM can appear in it.

Date 24 Sep, 2017:

Samsung has prepared the 1000FPS camera module for smartphones. And it is first to be appeared in Samsung 9th generation Galaxy S smartphone. As the name suggests the new camera module will be able to capture the 1000 Frames Per Second, and it will be able break the record set by the Sony Xperia XZ Premimum that can record 960 pictures per second in 720p resolution.

Nokia 9 is also trending with the edge display, but our Samsung Flagship will remain ahead to iPhone X and Nokia 9 with it’s infinity plus display.

Date 12 Sep, 2017:

Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8X are just about to be revealed to the world, and on other side, the next phoe from Samsung is again in the news because of a specific patent that Samsung may have applied for the S9 design.

Per the image leaked, the new phone form factor doesn’t look very interesting as to the current beautiful designed S8. But it could be just for the internal design. And, the final design will look very different than regular.

Date 12 Aug, 2017:

Samsung has definitely worked on to achieve the best display to dimension ratio, and now it looks like Samsung is taking Galaxy S9 display to dimension ratio to another level. S9 will clearly win over S8 in this factor. Not only bigger display will be the change in new smartphone, but also expect 12-13 MP Dual-rear camera for perfect photography.

Date 4 July, 2017:

Samsung to launch Galaxy Note Fan version, which is indeed a surprise for all Samsung fans. And, on other hand, Samsung has started working on the non-flammable batteries for the next Samsung phone. And, similarly, it may be implemented in the upcoming Galaxy Note 8, however, there’s no official words revealed yet.

Date 1 July, 2017:

As you must have already discovered that S9 will be available in two versions i.e. S9 Exynos 9810 and Snapdragon 845 versions.

The architecture of Exynos 9810 will be based on 8nm manufacturing technology, and Snapdragon 845 will be manufactured at 7nm scale. Clearly, on paper Snapdragon 845 version is ahead, but practical results may be different per the optimisations.

Date 26 June, 2017:

Samsung to launch Galaxy Gear VR along with the next generation Galaxy flagship. Samsung didn’t admit it officially, but web leaks suggest it. Additionally, Note 8 might make it in the month of August 2017.

Date 23 June, 2017:

Snapdragon 845 is almost confirmed for the next S9, and, as we know, we’ll have two versions of the device. One with Snapdragon, and another will Exynos. And, today Samsung Exynos 9810 M is leaked for S9 (with CDMA support as well). There is not very specific information available for it, however it will also be manufactured at 7nm just like Snapdragon one.

It won’t end here, as Galaxy Note 8 is also in the rumours. We might see Galaxy Note 8 in the month of August, 2017, but may be with a different name.

Date 12 June, 2017:

You must already know that, S9 and S9 Plus were dubbed as Star and Star 2 in the code names, and here comes an interesting news. Samsung is working on the AMOLED screen for next #flagship #2018, and it has a codename too, “Sunflower”! Well, Star clearly reflect a flagship, and sunflower has a secret meaning too. May be more a brighter display. We’re catching up everything for you, stay subscribed.

Date 31 May, 2017:

You already know that Samsung, and Qualcomm are working together on next beast smartphone’s processor Snapdragon 845 chip. And, now ARM also came in the picture with its latest ARM Cortex A75 chips that will be integrated on Snapdragon 845. The configuration will be developed at 7 nm manufacturing scale technology. S9 can be up to 40% more energy efficient and at the same time 30% more powerful and faster.

Date 20 May, 2017:

2017 is going very successful for Samsung, and all credit goes to Galaxy S8 market performance and review, however the new phone also suffer a few shortcoming. Early review suggests, people hope for better position of finger print sensor.

Per our concept images of upcoming Galaxy S 2018, if Samsung goes then guess what we will have finger print scanned embedded into display. Isn’t it great? Yes, we know right.

Date 11 May, 2017:

It’s been just a couple of days since Galaxy S8 launch, and good thing is Galaxy S9 leaks are in the headlines. This time, it’s the news of new processor that Qualcomm is manufacturing, the model of the processor is dubbed as 835. So, you can note it down our beast’s processor will be Snapdragon 845.

Date 22 April, 2017:

Samsung has started rolling out the newest Galaxy S8 stocks, most of the people who pre-ordered the device has already received their deliveries. and few Asians countries are yet waiting for this device release. Possibilities suggest, by mid May 2017 new smartphone should reach to all the countries. This was a sneak peak of S8 in the market. For S9, we have another cool rumour which suggests a very special infinity display.

For the very first time, Big Giant will use 3-edges infinity display in the next device of 2018.

Date 11 April, 2017:

It has been leaked, Samsung has started the the development of S9 in the Korean Giant’s tech mines. Where it will take Samsung?

Well, Samsung is all prepared to take itself in the directions of what people wants. Galaxy S8 launch will be a legend for Samsung. The pre-orders will start soon, and it will sell like fresh hot cakes. Discover here the Samsung Galaxy S9 Specs.

Samsung Galaxy S9 price $1000?

Let’s speak about the plastic damage that the Samsung S9 is rumored to cause to our pockets. Over the last few years, almost all major tech giants operating in the smartphone arena has made it amply clear to its customers that quality comes at a price and technology coupled with innovation would not come cheap. Sticking to the same model, Samsung Galaxy S9 price is rumored to be anywhere between $900 to $950.

Yes, these days nothing comes cheap then why Samsung will come for cheap. But for sure, it will be cheaper than latest iPhone the market. Set your hopes that Samsung won’t go beyond $1000, and will actually keep Samsung S9 price below iPhone 7S. Stay tuned and subscribe for more killer news for our beast Samsung Galaxy S9, cheers.