Samsung Galaxy S9 will be the first to have Snapdragon 845 chipset

The Galaxy S8 launched as an immediate outcome of the Galaxy Note 7 remember the time Samsung suffered from Note 7 failure, and Galaxy S8 becomes what Samsung desired this season. With S8, Samsung regained everything in just a couple of month, and this regained fame will be even more when Samsung Galaxy S9 releases to the market.

Samsung may pull the trick with the Galaxy S9 off. Qualcomm and Samsung made the deal for your Galaxy S8, which makes the phone the very first device in the world. Other devices, such as the LG G6 prior to the Galaxy S8 has been unveiled which LG launched over a month, endured the consequences. The 2017 LG flagship and specs could have played a part in that.

The Snapdragon 835 is among those 10nm a chip that are many means of transport together with A11 Bionic and Apple’s A10X nowadays, within the smartphone, and Samsung’s Exynos 8895 contained in that listing. LG had to rely on hardware to the G6.

The Snapdragon 845 starting next year is going to be. That has to be terrible news for Samsung’s opponents appearing to unveil phones if true. Having said that, Samsung Galaxy S9 will be exclusively revealing the Snapdragon 845 to the world.

The Galaxy S8 has been an exclusion for Samsung, that was made to unveil it. In the Mobile World Congress, Samsung will unveil the best of the smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S9, and there will be no surprise if Samsung launches it earlier because other brands will be featuring snapdragon 845 chipsets as well. In case, if other brands will launch their device with this new chipset, then Samsung will, of course, have to show to the world the first. So, stay tuned for more interesting updates for the Samsung Galaxy S9.

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