Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Apple iPhone 9: S9 kills iPhone 9?

Galaxy S9 vs iPhone 9 – Samsung Galaxy S9 is scheduled to release in the month of Feb 2018; however, iPhone 9 is way further, having said that, it won’t come to market till Sep 2020. And, Samsung is going to incorporate the configuration of the decade. Means, Samsung Galaxy S9 will not only is able to give competition to the iPhone 7, iPhone 7S, iPhone 8, iPhone 8S but also iPhone 9. The question is how it will happen?

Galaxy S9 vs iPhone 9

Well, Samsung is bringing very special display with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9. A display like, something we saw in Xiaomi Mi Mix. And, a very unique battery powered with super capacitors. This super capacitor battery will allow Samsung Galaxy S9 to get charge in seconds, and will allow to keep charge for a week. Yes, the future generation smartphones are actually smarter.

With this all unique features and specifications, Samsung Galaxy S9 won’t only win over iPhone 9 but also other upcoming beasts like Google Pixel 2 and LG G7. This was all about the war of Galaxy S9 vs iPhone 9. Stay tuned for more.

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