Samsung Galaxy S9 release date possibilities

Samsung Fans! There’s good news that Samsung is releasing the Galaxy S8 on the April 18th, and this date is going to be the worldwide launch. You can expect your S8 on market shelves by the same date. However, the fans that aren’t very happy about the Galaxy S8 launch can wait for the Samsung Galaxy S9 release date, which is rumored to be December 2017.

Galaxy S9

How can Samsung Galaxy S9 release date be December 2017?

Well, every year Samsung launches two of its flagship. One happens to be Galaxy S device, and one to be Galaxy Note. For this year, Samsung is already launching Galaxy S8 in the month of April; however, there is a dilemma about the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 8, because the year 2016 wasn’t good for Galaxy Note 7. And, it has affected Galaxy Brand. There are chances of not seeing a Galaxy Note this year. Does it suggest discontinuation of brand Galaxy Note? Well, that shouldn’t be the case, and so far there are official updates. These all are rumours circulating over the web.

But if Samsung releases Galaxy S9 in the month of Dec – it could be a game changer. Looking at the history of Samsung Galaxy S smartphone, no two smartphones under the same brands were launched. Yes, we’re talking about the Samsung Galaxy S flagship models. On the other hand, early release of Samsung Galaxy S9 will definitely affect the sales of Galaxy S8.

You can compute the probability of Samsung Galaxy S9 release date in Dec 2017, only if the launch of Galaxy S8 doesn’t go big. And, considering the fact and the number of fans, the case should be very different.

To give you an idea for Samsung Galaxy S8, it is going to be powered by Qualcomm 835 chipset, and 4GB RAM. On the other hand, expectations suggest 6GB RAM and QUALCOMM 85X chipset for Samsung Galaxy S9. Well, let’s wait for the S8 release date, as it will clear our all doubts for Samsung Galaxy S9 release date. Meanwhile, subscribe to our blog to read more about the Galaxy S9 launch.

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