Samsung Galaxy S9 release date – February 25, 2017

Just two days back, after the deal with Qualcomm and Samsung on the Snapdragon 845 processor, it was clear that Samsung Galaxy S9 will be launched earlier, and there were no definite dates so far. For the first time, we have a specific date, which could be the launch date of Samsung Galaxy S9.

Yes, the February 25th, 2017 could be the launch date of Galaxy S9. The first batch of Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset will be exclusively available to the only S9, and this has brought the launch date of Galaxy S9 from March to February. And, there will be no wonder if, at the end of Feb, Samsung starts selling the Samsung Galaxy S9 in the market.

Samsung Galaxy S9 is indeed going to be the world-class smartphone, and it will be a masterpiece of latest technology. Samsung was also going to launch its 1000FPS camera sensor, and it will be integrated into the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Both the models, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, can be available from the first week of March, however, the official confirmation yet to come. The most significant smartphone of the year 2018 will be none other the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Talking about the futuristic smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy X will also be in action, and now in the market there are rumors, it won’t be only flexible display smartphone as LG is also testing such prototypes, and tech-savvy are very excited about the flexible display smartphones.

Per the market researcher, the flexible smartphone will be welcome by the tech people; however, talking about the practicality of such devices is undefined. The real characteristic and behavior of flexible smartphone will be revealed to the world when it is available to the world.


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