Samsung Galaxy S9 Release date delayed by S8 Release Date

Every year, Samsung launches or announces a new device of the S series in the month of Feb, and launch it by March. However, for the very first time, we have seen a delay in the schedule. There’s no official information for Samsung Galaxy S8 release date from Samsung. No doubt, this delay must be a result of a safe play for the users, however, the people waiting to upgrade their phone to new S device may get settled with other beast smartphone like Apple iPhone 7 or LG G6. And, if we connect all strings then of course, this delay might value for the Samsung Galaxy S9 release date.

Galaxy S9

What brings Samsung ahead to other brands is the quality and timely product. However, now delays are also the part of Samsung. If you’re thinking like that, then it can be an issue. Because, Samsung has learn a lot from the release of Note 7 past year, and this year, Samsung is playing all safe, even if it takes little extra time. Nothing should remain untested. Galaxy S8 is going to be jewel.

Indirectly or directly, yes you can expect a delay in the Galaxy S9 release date, because Samsung has not yet launched the Samsung Galaxy S8 yet. So stay tuned, for more interesting news that can excite you for our love Samsung Galaxy S9.

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