Samsung Galaxy S9 news: October Month Wind-Up

Have a return at seven days of headlines and news throughout the entire world of Android, here we have rumors for upcoming new Samsung Galaxy X escapes, and Galaxy S9 layout.

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is expected to be declared in February or March next year. However, rumors and leaks across the design are already establishing an image of the West flagship. One question which remains to be answered, but might be an integral factor in the advertising, is the place of the fingerprint reader.

The six-monthly cycle of flagship handsets in the South Korean firm will likely go back to the Galaxy S smartphones, along with the matter of the fingerprint place will come up once more. With customers highlighting the awkwardly put sensor in the back, the optimal solution is to bring the detector into the front, slightly under the monitor. With that choice still not satisfactory, Samsung might be seeking to lifetime Apple’s controversial alternative to mounting biometric sensors. And, yes Samsung’s possible folding smartphone – that the presumptively called Galaxy X – proceeds to build.

Galaxy X might be folded inwards. In reality, the Galaxy X is a contemporary reverse phone (also referred to as clamshell or even flip-phone), which, moreover, doesn’t consist of a single display and one numerical keypad. No, the gadget gets one full-screen touchscreen display, comprising two screens. One of both of these screens is elastic; another isn’t. Since the system pops in, the screen stays well protected while the smartphone isn’t being used. Because not all parts are elastic, the apparatus may be “folded” just one side.

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