Samsung Galaxy S9 Display: Inspired by Xiaomi Mi Mix

Last year, Xiaomi surprised the whole world with its innovative display smartphone i.e. Xiaomi Mi Mix. And, Samsung Galaxy S9 is rumored to have a display style used in Xiaomi Mi Mix.

Xiaomi is raising brand of Asia, and in no time it has taken its popularity to sky with its quality and cheap price smartphones. Xiaomi Mi Mix is one of the Xiaomi’s Innovations, the phone is known for its form factor of display.

Galaxy S9 vs Mi Mix

Xiaomi Mi Mix is one of the best baseless displays Smartphone ever created. And, talking about the Galaxy S series smartphones. Yes, Samsung needs innovation for designs. And, Mi Mix isn’t a bad character to be picked for Samsung Galaxy S9 display.

If this rumors is true then we are going to welcome the best of S series smartphones, and that would be Samsung Galaxy S9.

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