Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera, and Galaxy X rumors surfacing

The most recent rumor surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S9 indicates it’s going to present facial recognition attributes not too dissimilar to this Face ID technology that surfaced to the Apple iPhone X.

The rumor comes via Twitter tipster Ice Universe that has leaked something more about the next generation Galaxy device, the Samsung advice before launching before. The tweet only says that the Galaxy S9 will utilize a “3D sensor front camera” but provides no indication of how it may work.

Samsung currently has iris-scanning technologies in the Galaxy S8 and Note 8, so it is safe to presume that the 3D detector camera may add an excess layer to the safety.

If accurate, and if the camera functions in a similar way to the iPhone X, then the Galaxy S9 front camera will have the ability to produce a 3D depth-sensing map of your face to recognize it is you. Additionally, it should not make a difference if you change your hairstyle or wear eyeglasses such as and the camera might also be able to ‘see you’ in low-light ailments.

Apparently, using all the iPhone X, Apple completely ditched the Touch ID fingerprint detector – and can do this on all future iPhones – therefore it is possible that Samsung can go down the exact same route in case it implements facial recognition technologies as the only way of replicating the Galaxy S9 and authenticating payments. Samsung Galaxy S9 will feature a slow-mo rear camera with 1,000fps camera.

With Snapdragon 845, 8GB RAM, and 1000 FPS camera, and these all exciting specifications of upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 will overshadow everything in the market. But the question is, will it be available at an affordable price. If not, then we want at least Samsung to price the next Samsung Galaxy S9 comparable to the iPhone. On the other hand, the world is waiting to hear more about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy X.

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