Samsung Galaxy S9 to have air sensor | First in history

We’ve been coming across several speculations about the next generation Samsung Galaxy S9 and other Samsung devices, and it seems Samsung has a developed a very new type of sensor to be called an air sensor.

The F is a patent filing by Samsung is to be considered, and we could anticipate the flagship – an environmental sensor to be featured by the Galaxy S9. Samsung has shown that a patent has been filed by it in the year by assessing the particles from the atmosphere, to get an environmental detector that can gauge the quality of the atmosphere, claims a report by an online source.

Samsung shows that it’s possible although it might be surprising to many to understand that an air detector may be small enough to fit into a smartphone. The patent appears to demonstrate a couple of sketches that detail the way the firm has been able to integrate an air sensor. The sketches show that the atmosphere detector is integrated into the screen substrate and is intended to be horizontal. Air will reach the facts regarding the AMOLED screen’s glass substrate stays unknown for the time being.

As of this moment, we can’t guarantee that this patent will lead on the Samsung Galaxy S9 to the incorporation of an air detector. However, there are no means. We never came into light and said as we have seen Samsung patents. There is the chance for the air detector to be implemented.

This week we have already got many rumors for Galaxy S9, for example, the new camera sensor, and now air sensor in the next Galaxy S9.

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