Samsung Galaxy S9 with 9nm Chipset Processor

Samsung engineers are working on a very special Galaxy S9 chipset. There are already rumours; in 2018 we will have smartphones with processor chip that are manufactured at 9nm scale. This will be a revolutionary change, as processor will require less energy. Additionally, with low energy consumption new chipset will work at better frequency. Here better frequency refers to better calculation and speed.

Galaxy S9

Per the rumours for Galaxy S9 Chipset, Samsung is also testing 8GB DDR4 RAM chips for its phone. If we all Samsung fans are lucky enough then Galaxy S9 will come up with 8GB RAM, and it would be very first of its kind.

I’m sure, with the above-mentioned chipset, if Galaxy S9 is true then Apple, Google, LG and other brands would be way behind than Samsung.

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