Samsung Galaxy S9 release date – January 2018 | why should you expect earlier?

Galaxy S9 rumor mills are getting latest updates, and a few sources have confirmed that Samsung engineers are fixing the software issue in the Galaxy S8, and developing an impeccable software for Samsung Galaxy S9, and in a few days from now, these developments will enter into prototype stages.

In the month of March when Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy S8, everyone was questioning about the practicality of the new display, but well things are a favor of Samsung. Now every brand is making their smartphone ready with the infinity display, and on another hand, Samsung is ready to move forward with the Infinity plus display.

Sammobile has also confirmed that Samsung has begun the development of software modules for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. Also, after the hints from the Samsung mobile division president for the foldable smartphone, Samsung Galaxy X trend is going over the Galaxy S9, and in case if Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy X at CES 2018 (February & March), then they should definitely come up with the Samsung Galaxy S9 earlier than the schedule.

Therefore chances of early releases are in favor of Galaxy S9. In the recent past, we also made speculations and possibilities list that why Samsung Galaxy S9 may appear earlier in the market. Though, it is not earlier than the beginning of next year. So wait is quite a long, if Samsung launches the Galaxy S9 in the month of January, then from now, you will have to wait nearly 150 days.

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