The magical view from the Galaxy S9 Camera

Samsung Galaxy S9 camera will be different in a way that it will have no similarity to the conventional smart phone camera. Most of the camera phones are based on the dual imaging technology that forms a digital image by the camera imaging technology. Galaxy S9 new Xios Camera will change the notion of the normal use of a phone camera. This camera will be working on the all new copying technology where it will copy the view and process it like an actual recorded image. Xios technology might bring revolution in the mobile phone market where the limitation of a camera is defined by the Megapixels. After this, megapixel will no longer be a measure to find out the capability of the camera.

Galaxy S9 Camera

Samsung Galaxy S9 in low light will click tremendous pictures which have never been been clicked before. Samsung after loosing a bit of grounds due to the Note 7 battery fiasco, company is all set to bounce back with the introduction of new technologies like this Xios Galaxy Camera. Samsung has claimed that there will be many more such features introduced with this launch and also claims that it should being back Samsung into the market. The claims will remain as is till users experience the features first hand.

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