Samsung Galaxy S9 and its unique battery technology

It is rumored that the upcoming Galaxy S9 will be powered with a very unique battery inside. Currently 40% of a Smart Phone’s weight is of its battery and same percentage goes for the size and mass too. Samsung’s new battery will change this significantly by reducing the phone battery size to less than half of its current size. Current phone batteries are made of lithium ions which is a very bulky method of storing power. This new technology of power storage will compress ions to give the best output in the minimum required space. Galaxy S9 Edge will also sport the same Ion battery thus reducing the weight by atleast 25%.

Galaxy S9 Battery

This will be a big breakthrough for Samsung which currently is struggling in its image of being one of the greatest mobile phone manufacturing companies to a company whose mobile phones started to burn due to some issue in them. Samsung understands the challenge that it won’t be very easy for them to regain the interest of the users, but also with its innovation and technology believes won’t be very difficult too.

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