Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S9 – New Features to surprize

The launch of Galaxy S8 is very near, all fans are waiting for it to release and right after the release, talks for the next generation Samsung flagship Samsung Galaxy S9 will start. Following the rumors, Galaxy S8 should be another success story for Samsung with the introduction of a few very innovative features like retina password lock and dual direction camera. The success of Galaxy S8 will decide the path for the release of Galaxy S9. Experts have said that the failure in Note 7 battery has cost Samsung the huge price. This market share lost is to be covered by the success of next Generation Samsung Galaxy phone. After Galaxy S7 the latest to be out S8 is rumored to have not many new features if you compare upgrades in Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S9.

Galaxy S9

Reading through Display – A pressure sensitive display is to sported in the Galaxy S9 which further will be complemented with the all screen scan technology. Usually, a normal phone screen pixels can only display data. However, this new kind of screen will also be able to read through the pixel and process like a camera usually does. This feature will bring a revolution in the industry of mobile phones and will change the way a user interacts with the screen of his phone.

USB Type C – This feature is not yet planned to be with the upcoming Galaxy S8, so we can expect USB Type C to be coming with the Galaxy S9. Samsung has decided not to include this feature in their upcoming device due to confusion in the market on whether Type C can support radial data transfer or not. Once this aspect of data transfer is complete, Samsung will launch this feature too.

Cloud Storage – With everything going on a cloud, Samsung is planning their own just for phone storage with which one will be able to interact with the cloud through their unlimited data transfer feature. With this, a phone would not require too much of space inside and will be able to do the data transfer to cloud in and out without making you pay for the data. Comparing both of the Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 this feature is expected to come to by next year that means it would be Galaxy S9.

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