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Samsung 2017 unpacked was one of the greatest launches that Samsung has ever brought to the world, and this bang is going to continue with the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S9?

The innovation behind the Galaxy S8 is of course it’s amazing display. For the people who are waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S8 release date, save the calendar with April 21, 2017. Now the path for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9 is clear, with the S8 launch we can sense, what the future would be.

Samsung Galaxy S9

If we compare the Samsung Galaxy S8 with any of the available iPhone, clearly Galaxy S8 wins in the design. Finally, Samsung engineers has done a great job, and it is appreciable. Imagining the next Samsung S9 is little difficult, as Samsung already brought the required tweaks.

Have questions? Well, we’ve answers:

Galaxy S9 Concept Images

The 2017, is going to be smooth for the Samsung with Galaxy S8 launch, however, we shouldn’t forget that Samsung has suffered a lot after the disappointment of Galaxy Note 7, and now Samsung is ready to bet on the Galaxy S series with its max. Soon, we’ll have the Galaxy S8 in the market; however the buzz for the next S9 is already begin, finger crossed!

What S9 Galaxy will bring to market is too early to say, but there have been few hardware developments that are just leaked over web, and looks to be present in next Samsung S9. Let’s discover more below:

The big day 2017 for Samsung was March 29, when Samsung ringed the bells by launching an innovating marvel of technology. And, earlier there were rumours that Samsung Galaxy S8 might not come to the UK market, however, now take a easy breath UK People! Samsung is going to be good for all.

Talking about the upcoming Samsung’s next Galaxy, the image looks clear we will have bixby 2.0 tweak in the S9 Samsung, other features will include 4 edge display, yes we are talking about a form factor that will cover maximum area by the display, no more blank edges will be welcome. The future would be here in Samsung Galaxy S9 design technology.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S9 Concept Images – Design Overview

  • 3 Edge Infinity Display – With integrated ear piece speaker beneath display glass
  • Front Camera and Sensors at the bottom front (inspired by Mi Mix)
  • SuperCapacitor battery – For the very first time imagined for a smartphone
  • Display embedded with finger print sensor – Touch anywhere to login into your phone, security with ease!

Samsung Galaxy S9 release date possibilities:

Every year Samsung is following it’s same trend. One flagship Samsung Galaxy smartphone hit the market in the month of Feb/March and one Galaxy Note flagship in the month of Aug/Sept. However, this year we might not see next Galaxy Note dubbed as Galaxy Note 8 because of what had happened with Galaxy Note 7 in 2016.

Sad but true, we might not see any new devices in Note series, confirmation about it to be released by Samsung officially, but who knows hope for fans will not end. And, Samsung will actually surprise with Galaxy Note 8 in 2018. But for sure, in early 2018 we will have the next Galaxy.

Galaxy S9 Release Date xx, January 2018? :D, discover more here
Galaxy S8 Release Date 21st March 2017
Galaxy S7 Release Date 11th March 2016
Galaxy S6 Release Date 10th April 2015
Galaxy S5 Release Date 11th April 2014
Galaxy S4 Release Date 27th April 2013
Galaxy S3 Release Date 29th May 2012
Galaxy S2 Release Date 2nd May 2011
Galaxy S1 Release Date 4th June 2010

Additionally, by launching the Samsung Galaxy S8+ dubbed as Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, there are direct hints which convey – no more devices in the Samsung Galaxy Note Series? Well, if there will be no Galaxy Note this year, you will definitely welcome Samsung Galaxy S9+ or Galaxy S9 Plus with a S-pen.

So, you can count on the S9 Galaxy release date in the early 2018. And, if there won’t be Galaxy Note 8 this year, then bet S9 release date will be Jan 2018 J.

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 release date: Jan 2018, Yay!!!

Well folks, Samsung is launching Samsung Galaxy S8 in the month of April, announcement scheduled for March 29. Will it affect the launch of Samsung S9 Galaxy? Answer is indeed a Yes! How far will go the launch of S9, we can’t comment but for sure, it gonna be very interesting to know more about S9.

Samsung Galaxy S8, the beautiful beast:

Galaxy S9 Specs & Features:

Samsung has proved his best whenever it comes to Galaxy S phones. But now, Samsung will play very safe considering the case of Note 7. We can expect a removable battery in S9 finally, which will not only make it reliable but also safe, additionally we won’t have to compromise with the thickness thanks to the designers.

Per the speculations and available hardware, considering 2018 we will get 6GB RAM, True Octa-Core processor clocked at 2.5 GHz higher frequency and 1.5 GHz low frequency. Samsung engineers are also testing fast charge 4.0 plus with their phones, so we can expect similar technology in next generation Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone.

Below we’ve mentioned more of Galaxy S9 features, and the highlighted are the super capacitor battery and all edges display with bezel less form.

Below is the list of all possible Samsung Galaxy S9 Specs:

Processor 7nm Manufactured True Band Octa-Core Processor, Snapdragon 845 / 9XX
Memory 6GB-8GB RAM, 256 on-board Storage memory
Display 4K Super AMOLED 3-edge display
Battery SuperCapacitor Battery with Ultra Fast Charge
Card Slots Smart Card Slots supporting dual-SIM & Single-SIM-microSD Modes

No doubt, in the last 5 years smartphone in the market become smarter, but after releasing Galaxy S9 flagship, Samsung can be the iPhone Killer. Who knows, at the time of launch of S9 will iPhone 7S be able to take the competition or not. But, we the fans are going to enjoy the war of Samsung vs. Apple as it will bring and force both to bring their best.

Since the launch of Galaxy S7, we are in impression that Samsung is doing continuous tries to make its smartphones out stand in the market. And, yes they do out stand, however to overcome other brands Samsung should bring not only something interesting but also the very innovative. And, S9 Galaxy can be one of that kind. You won’t be wrong, if you are counting Galaxy S8 to be the best of Samsung till date.

Samsung recently has hinted that in the next Galaxy there might not be the old touchWiz. Well, Samsung was using this software shell since the launch of first Galaxy S smartphone, and opting out for something new in the next Samsung S9, it is clear that Samsung just want to walk on the path of fans.

Of course, with S8 the Samsung will overcome the brand loss of Galaxy Note 7. And, who knows if Samsung actually launches the Galaxy Note 8 this year, but per the rumours launch of Note 8 is clearly doubtful. However, let’s wait there might be other interesting things that can revolve around by Samsung.

Why Samsung S9 Plus will go 7nm?

If Samsung goes at 7nm scale for manufacturing the chipset of S9, then it would be a revolution. At the moment other manufacturers including Samsung (with S8) has brought devices based on 10nm scale processor, which is undoubtedly a great innovation itself, and it results in better performance keeping the efficiency of power consumption. So, if Samsung goes at 7nm, then expect 9th Generation Galaxy S smartphone to be more powerful and will run for more time with its battery.

Imagine Samsung Galaxy S9 with SuperCapacitor battery

Engineers and technology innovator are continuously working to bring present impossible thing to alive. Yes, recently in the news it has been leaked that Scientist are able to develop the super capacitor batteries for the gadgets. Samsung is running to get this proprietary technology for their smartphones. And, if it is true then Samsung Galaxy S9 can be the first phone to have it.

What is Super Capacitor battery, in terms of dimensions it will be just like a small paper piece of plastic and semiconductors. And, it will be able to charge in seconds. Imagine, your smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9 working for a whole 24×7. Wouldn’t be very interesting? Well, it won’t only change the future of smartphones, but also the era of computers.

Super capacitor is a not a newest thing, but in a smartphone this is a really big deal. If Samsung manages to get it into the next S device, then I bet whole world will run to get this smartphone. Who won’t love a smartphone that charges for a week in just a few seconds.

In the market there exists a few xl smartphone that carries bigger battery capacities but that can survive till max 2 days. However, every smartphone manufacturer aims to provide more efficient solutions that can increase the battery capacities.

More power will consume more battery, performance is directly proportional to the battery usage, more resources will consume more energy, however this relation of performance and battery usage can be overcome by the optimisation and the hardware design. And, Samsung’s chipset manufactured at 7 nm are already leaked.

And, guess what Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus might be the first to have such. And, this new chipset innovation will not only make SIX performance better but also will consume lesser amount of battery.

Clearly, Samsung aims for the best that they can bring to the market keeping the user safety. When user safety will be remembered then Galaxy Note 7 will always come to the thoughts, but Galaxy S series is ready to define the brand legacy, Galaxy S8 is already a must have smartphone. The best thing that can Samsung bring to the 9th Galaxy smartphone is the super capacitor battery.

Samsung Galaxy S9 display – 4 edges better than Galaxy S8’s display

Samsung has surprised the world with the newest designed smartphone, yes we’re talking about the Samsung Galaxy S8. The most attractive is the display out of all. Now, if Samsung wants to keep the impression for the next year, we are expecting more than Galaxy S8 has done, so Samsung Galaxy 9 display have to be very special.

In past two years, we’ve seen manufacturers had done serious work on bazel-less designs, Samsung and Xiaomi are most successful of all with their respective beasts – Samsung Galaxy S8 and Xiaomi Mi Mix.

May be the next innovation from Samsung will bring the next generation display and it may be the four-edge display configuration to be part of Samsung Galaxy S9.

Release date of Samsung Galaxy S9 will be affected by Galaxy S8 launch:

In the complete history of Samsung S series, for the very first time Samsung delayed the launch of its device. Here, by device we are referring to Samsung Galaxy S8 launch. Yes, last year Feb we welcomed the Galaxy S8, however, it is already March and Samsung officials are silent about the launch of S8. On other side, it is damn confirmed within 30 days from now, we would have Galaxy S8 on the market shelves. By following this scenario, it is clear that there could be possible delays with the release of Samsung Galaxy S9.

And, question continues, when Samsun S9 will be released? Answer, is not very confirmed. Speculations and possibilities suggests till the end of 2017, however, now coin is turning, we may not even see S9 Samsung in the month of Feb 2018. Wait will be more. 🙁

Will Samsung go, the iPhone 7 way?

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge rumours suggests that we may welcome our Samsung 9th Galaxy phone without a headphone jack as happened in case of iPhone 7? Yes, you read it right. The Galaxy S9 edge features may include a special charging jack supporting a headphone accessory. But being a Korean’s giant the Samsung fan, I wouldn’t like to welcome such Galaxy 9 Edge specs.

Galaxy S9 price won’t be affected by a small change with headphone jack, but imagining our beast Samsung S9 edge phone without a jack isn’t easy and acceptable. Well, we should wait another month and look for the Galaxy S8 release date, as it will bring the clarity for S9 launch, and we would also be able to compute the biggest war between the smartphones i.e. Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S9, and Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7.

The list of wars will be very interesting but out of all, Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7S is going to be killer for 2017. With launch of Galaxy S8, Samsung has cleared that the probability of going iPhone way for the Galaxy Samsung S9 is minimal. We really appreciate that how Samsung has crafted the new Galaxy beautifully and interesting.

For a second, consider if Samsung doesn’t change the design for S9 (keep the similar S8 design), then also it will be impressive, however, the new is expected from the new things. So definitely there will be tweaks, Galaxy S9 will be better than S8, and Galaxy S9+ will be better than Galaxy S8+ in their on way.

Additionally, the war of iPhone vs. Galaxy S phone never end, and this year the war will be interesting. Apple has recently placed an order to Samsung to manufacturer the display for iPhone. Two brands are working together to bring the best technology no doubts, but on the market shelves this war will continue. And with S8 the chances of more favours are towards Galaxy instead of iPhone, what do you think?

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S9 Updates!

Date 25 April, 2017:

It’s been just a couple of days since Galaxy S8 launch, and good thing is Galaxy S9 leaks are in the headlines. This time, it’s the news of new processor that Qualcomm is manufacturing, the model of the processor is dubbed as 835. So, you can note it down our beast Samsung Galaxy S9 processor will be Snapdragon 845.

Date 22 April, 2017:

Samsung has started rolling out the newest Galaxy S8 stocks, most of the people who pre-ordered the device has already received their deliveries. and few Asians countries are yet waiting for this device release. Possibilities suggest, by mid May 2017 new smartphone should reach to all the countries. This was a sneak peak of S8 in the market. For S9, we have another cool rumour which suggests a very special infinity display.

For the very first time, Big Giant will use 3-edges infinity display in the next device of 2018.

Date 11 April, 2017:

It has been leaked, Samsung has started the the development of Galaxy S9 in the Korean Giant’s tech mines. Where it will take Samsung?

Well, Samsung is all prepared to take itself in the directions of what people wants. Galaxy S8 launch will be a legend for Samsung. The pre-orders will start soon, and it will sell like fresh hot cakes. Discover here the Samsung Galaxy S9 Specs.

Date 12 April, 2017:

Samsung has started taking pre-orders for Samsung S8, if you order through their official website, then you get the delivery on April 20, however, in the stores S8 will appear on April 21. There have been a lot of videos on hands on Galaxy S8, and it has impressed every tech blogger and vlogger.

If you can’t wait for another year, then Galaxy S8 is for you, else you should wait for the awesome specifications of Galaxy S9.

Galaxy S8 Front S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 price $1000?

Galaxy S9 LogoYes, these days nothing comes cheap then why Samsung will come for cheap. But for sure, it will be cheaper than latest iPhone the market. Set your hopes that Samsung won’t go beyond $1000, and will actually keep Galaxy S9 price below iPhone 7S. Stay tuned and subscribe for more killer news for our beast Samsung Galaxy S9, cheers. 🙂


  1. I already pre-ordered new Galaxy S8 at Samsung Site, they’re delivering it on 20th April. I’ll buy Samsung Galaxy S9 next year when it is available.

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  4. Galaxy Phones are always better than iPhones. I had iPhone 7 Plus, and I didn’t like it. Changed it with S7 Edge. However, now S8 looks better. May be, S9 will be even better, I’d wait.

  5. thanks for keeping me posted, loving your information and waiting for more on Samsung Galaxy S9

  6. I wish if Samsung launches the Galaxy S9 with super capacitor battery as it will be the real bang in the technology world. I’m excited for the next launch…

  7. I owned Galaxy S3, S4, S6, S7 Edge. S7 Edge is best. Galaxy S8 is similar to S7 Edge but display of Galaxy S8 is better. I will wait for Galaxy S9 in 2018

  8. Samsung should bring 8GB RAM, we don’t require it. More RAM more battery usage, they should come up with a solution not more numbers just

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